Tri-State Contest Weekend 2016

Congratulations Tyler Fig and Cameron Thompson, Mr. Tri-State Leather and Tri-State Pup 2016


Tri-State Contest Weekend 2016 was a resounding success with sold out hotel rooms and standing room only crowds at the contest venue.  The energy in the room was electric as the three contestants brought their passion, humor and heart to the stage to become one of the next Tri-State Title Holders.

Tri-State 2016 Contestants: Tyler Fig, Cameron Thompson and Daniel Broadstone

Our judges did not have any easy job since the contestants brought their A-Game to the stage.  However, the tough call was made and we’d like to congratulate Tyler Fig, Mr. Tristate Leather 2016 and Cameron Thompson ( Pup Skorpios ), Tri-State Pup 2016 on their win.  We look forward to their upcoming year and watching their ideas and goals come to fruition.

Tri-State 2016 Judges: l-r, Tink Harvey, John (Pup Flair) Mangum, David Hughes, Dave Rex Shepard, Gonzo Gonzales, Luis Tipantasig, Tyesha Nicole Best


When asked of their hopes for their respective title years, here is what the winners had to say :

Tyler: ” The vision I have of my title is one of Service, service not only to my local community but also to my brothers and sisters across the nation.  I want to revisit the roots of try-States’ origins and help to continue to provide those spaces where we can truly be ourselves. I want to show that inclusivity is the only way we are going to make it, and living in love is the only way we are going to heal.  Leather was the fire that forged my brokenness into steel and I want to help find that fire in others.”

Cameron:  “With the Pup community vastly growing, it’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of what’s going on. From new pup gear up for sale to the top events to be at, it is very easy and common to become so focused on trying to fit in, ourselves, that we miss that one pup sitting in the corner, new to the pup scene, too shy or broken to make the first move to fit in. My vision as the Tri-State Pup is to help pups everywhere realize that just as how they were new to being a pup once, there are other new pups every day wanting to become involved. Sometimes they need encouragement and a helping hand to build them up and bring them into the community where they are welcomed for who they are and help them discover that side of them that wants to come out and be accepted and loved. The community is a home for so many pups. Let’s reach out and do what we can to bring more brother and sister puppies into this home and prove that they too have a loving family to be a part of.”

Congratulations to Tyler and Cameron.  Look for Tyler, Cameron and Tri-State in your cities and regions.


About Tri-State

The primary purpose of Tri-State Leather/Pup/Rubber is to bring together the LP&R communities of SW Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky to promote a positive image of the Leather/BDSM/Fetish lifestyle, specifically in the Tri-State area. Additionally, it brings together the leather communities for the purpose of exchanging ideas, promoting events, and providing support and education to the fetish clubs and groups within and outside the region.

We also do fundraising events that serve three purposes: 1)  To increase awareness about Tri-state leather and its mission, 2) To raise monies for local, state and national organizations and or service providers that provide for the needs of the LGBTQ community and its supporters, 3) To generate funds for the annual Mr. Tri-State Leather Contest

As a Gay organization, we believe that the leather world at large is full of diversity and seek to make all members of the leather community feel good about themselves and are represented in our communities regardless of race, religion, political beliefs, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, size, handicap, or health condition.

We hold and help with several events that raise funds to support the programs and organizations that help our most vulnerable. We also participate in hands on efforts to help whenever possible.

We promote education to make sure our community is healthy and safe, by helping and promoting events and workshops that allow the experts in our community to share their knowledge, and to bring in friends from outside the region to introduce new things.

The Tri-State is home to many communities in all corners of the states. We foster a network of the leather and kink communities in the region and beyond in order to share the knowledge and spirit we have, and to bring people together in friendship and family.

History of the Tri-State Leather Contests

The first Tri-State Leather Contest was produced by Nigel Cotterill and his then boy, Andrew Keisker. The contest was held in November of 1999 and Mike Taylor was announced as the winner. Mike went on to compete in the Mr. Heartland contest, which he also won. He then went on to compete at IML 2000, where he was chosen as IML 2000. Dan Newman was Mr. Tri-State Leather 2001, Frank Perko III, Mr. Tri-State 2002 and Dennis Mascher, Mr. Tri-State Leather 2003. In 2002, Tri-State had it’s first competition for the title of Ms. Tri-State Leather. The contest was won by Ms. Ruby, who went on to compete in IMsL in 2003. After a 7 yr. hiatus, Mr. Tri-State Leather was brought back by Scorpius of Cincinnati in 2010. In 2011, Ron Clemons took over as producer of the contest. In 2012, with the help of Colin Wood, Mr. Mid-West Rubber 2012, Tri-State introduced the title of Mr. Tri-State Rubber. In 2014, with the help of Ruff Pups CNKY, Tri-State will add another new title to the Tri-State Family, Tri-State Pup.

Tri-State Titleholders

Every year, new members of our community are chosen to represent the region and promote our mission

Contestant Application

Are you ready to represent the TriState community?

All those interested in competing for one of the Tri-State titles must fill out the application and return by November 11, 2016


Our Sponsors

Tri-State proudly supports these charities and causes:

Help us help the community by donating here:

Caracole, Inc.
GLSEN Cincinnati
Step Up Indianapolis
No Kill Shelter, Lexington, Ky
House of Ruth, Louisville, Ky
Gateway House (Cincinnati)
Safe and Supportive Housing (Cincinnati)
AIDS Volunteers of Lexington
March to Prevent Suicide
No Kill Central Kentucky
Cincinnati Pride
Breast Cancer Emergency Fund
Proud Scholars Cincinnati

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